«Roland Wagner is a phenomenon. He seems to be in the business of wanting to write a new history of art. And he seems to be very serious about it.»

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Director Serpentine Gallery, London (2013)

«The surface of the company is pierced when a person portrays themselves, visibly, in public as an employee. Uncontrolled visibility is, after all, a major fear of global companies ? …»

Armin Chodszinski, artist and theoretician, Hamburg (2011)

«Idon’t understand it at all, but I think it’s complete lunacy. At the same time, I find that guy kind of cool. He is provoking. That’s very rare, these days.»

Passer-by on Paradeplatz, Zurich (2008)

«Roland Wagner forces his way into topics and systems with actions. He is always on the lookout, for confrontation too. He exposes himself, overcomes all kinds of barriers. He is a real fighter.»

Philipp Meier, cultural activist, Zurich (2013)

«He transforms the medival figura from the ‘picaresque novels’ (from Simplicicius Simplicissimus, Till Eulenspiegel and Felix Krull or Catch me if you can, etc.) into the postmodern era as a critique on selfishness, superficiality and abuse of the power of the ruling class, which is today, everyone who uses a selfie on his facebook account …»

Milo Rau, artist and theater director, Zurich (2016)

«Perhaps we could tone it down a bit and describe Roland Wagner as an “artistically active person”.»

Sibylle Omlin, Art Professor and Director of the ECAV art school (2009)